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posted almost 3 years ago

Job Description

The System Administrator is the key interface for items within the Empower loan origination process at S3 Shared Service Solutions, LLC.  This role represents the requirement to keep the Empower application within the scope and desired intention of the application. The Empower System Administrator is responsible for First Mortgage applications administration, design and system support for S3, credit union systems and implementation teams. 

The System Administrator is responsible for working with S3 and Credit Union business units to analyze system processes and recommend solutions and goals to improve productivity.  This position is also responsible for Fiserv, Empower, and ancillary system releases, updates, enhancements, product implementation, testing, maintenance and problem resolution, and quality assurance.   Additionally, the System Administrator ensures operational and administrative effectiveness for security services within S3 including policy, security access administration, security audit scheduling, tracking and reporting, compliance awareness, and operational soundness.

S3 has a commitment to excellence and the highest standards of member service.  Our values and beliefs are critical to the success and growth of the business and they were all created with a unique cultural foundation.